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Monthly weekend session

Next weekend sessions will be on September 8 and 9 2018 at Veneux-Les Sablons.

The Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche planned to teach on Saturday afternoon (15.15-17.15) and Sunday morning (~ 10-12.00).

Guépèle Editions

La Vie d'un Grand Maître Indien : Arya Asanga

According to Taranatha and Bouteun Rinpoche

Arya Asanga, one of two "pillars" of the Mahayana (Great Vehicle), made an extraordinary contribution to the development of Buddhism. Born in the fourth century AD in the part of India that has become known as Kashmir today, this philosopher shared the Madhyamika philosophical views of the first pillar, Nagarjuna. He is nevertheless the author of the founding treaties of a system other than his own: that of Buddhist "idealistic" philosophy, the cittamatra school. see more>

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